Public Leadership Development with Donna Zajonc, MCC

Donna is dedicated to building the capability of all public leaders, board, councils and senior staff she works with. Her clients benefit from fresh thinking and a confidential, nonpartisan perspective from a former elected leader and now professional coach. Donna's leadership philosophy is based upon the belief that we learn and grow best through supportive yet challenging partnerships. Public leaders greatly benefit from confidential relationships where they can talk about what is on their mind, and try-out new ideas without reading about their brainstorming session on the front page of the newspaper. Donna does't have a fixed approach or one-size-fits all package; her approach is to design your program and submit a proposal after a complimentary session.



We offer three primary services:

Executive Coaching for Public Leaders such as city managers, local and state department directors, elected leaders and nonprofit directors and senior staff. Donna specialize in working with leaders in the public domain utilizing various assessments, 360 degree feedback that explores and discovers your leadership strengths, preferences and styles. A custom designed Leadership Development Plan will guide our work together.


Team and Board Development and customized staff retreats that build performance and passion for doing the work of your public organization. This includes leadership development sessions that move groups from reacting to day to day problem solving toward establishing collective visions and an action plan to achieve them.


Advancing Council and Staff Relations: Local government elected leaders and professional staff must speak the same language and build trusting relationships. As a former elected leader and executive coach, Donna knows the importance of getting the elected leaders and staff on the same page. Every city or state government entity is different yet many similarities and challenges exist. Learning to work together as political leaders and professional staff is essential to serving the public good.


Call Donna at 206-780-9300 or email her at to learn more. WeI look forward to hearing from you.