About Bainbridge Leadership Center


Donna Zajonc, PCC presents leadership development at the Bainbridge Island Healthy Living Expo

Bainbridge Leadership Center is the result of collaboration between Donna Zajonc and David Womeldorff, who are the founders and principles of the Center.


Prior to founding the Bainbridge Leadership Center, David and Donna’s individual work was already dynamic. David worked with individuals and groups in private companies, educational settings and non-profits. Donna worked in the public sector, in healthcare, and is an entrepreneur.


Their combination is truly synergistic, where one + one = three! Together, their work has integrated three levels of leadership. It is the integration of self, collective and public domains that makes their work unique.


“We like to think of this as enlightened self-interest. We wanted to design our lives so we could work and play together. Work and play is almost the same thing for us and it happens to involve co-creating transformational work with leaders.” says David. "It isn't complicated. It's exactly what we created."


In order to bring you the widest range of services of the highest quality, we work strategically with the following groups. To learn more about working with us please contact us.